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Hopes for keeping life grow to dreams of giving life.

A Message from Leslie: Our Story Continues…

See how our story has unfolded: From grandmother to mother, from mother to daughters, we’ve come full circle!


lesliesstory.jpgWe’ve always been anchored by our mission of supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, The Breast Milagro grew out of my mother’s breast cancer and her survival against all odds. And our first calling has been bringing to women with breast cancer the hope for long life that The Breast Milagro embodies.

Yet as more and more women have discovered us – among them my own daughters and many other family members – they have shared with us those things that matter most to their breast health. Listening closely to these women, we discovered their breast health concerns. These include the important issues of lactation and breastfeeding, so closely linked to a new mother’s hopes and dreams for her child.

In the Milagro tradition, breast milagros have been symbolic of the wish for breast milk to nourish new life. Life-giving breast milk is critical for infant survival and for heightened childhood health. There is no more frankly feminine need than to provide this, the best nourishment for our babies.

In this spirit, we have expanded The Breast Milagro mission to serve all breast health hopes and concerns. The tradition of The Breast Milagro is genuinely tied to the breast health dreams of sustaining life and to the breast health hopes of holding onto life. We hope you will join us on this journey.



Sylvia's Story

Young survivor, Sylvia Bencomo with her beautiful - and healthy - daughters Lorena (left) and Monica (middle) who together have a compelling story. To help support treatment resources for thousands of women like them. The Breast Milagro is focusing extra funding toward the Young Survivor's Coalition (YSC) in October.