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Discover the inspiration behind
The Breast Milagro

Leslie Jacobson

I’m Leslie Jacobson, creator of The Breast Milagro™. Based on a long-standing folk tradition, The Breast Milagro arises from my own deeply felt personal experience. It began in 1956, when I was nine years old and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At age 41, she was told she had only six months to live.

Of course, I didn’t know this at the time. Social taboos in the 1950s meant people just didn’t discuss cancer. But even without being told, I understood something was very wrong. When, over time, I came to understand her diagnosis, I lived with two devastating fears: First, that my mother would die. And, second, that I would inevitably contract breast cancer too.

Because so few people were willing to talk about a cancer diagnosis at that time, a great deal of shame, fear and isolation was attached to it. My mother scoured every avenue for some means of emotional support, but none were available. Now I look back and see how much it would have helped all of us – my mother, my father, my two sisters and me – if someone had offered understanding and a listening ear.

“The Breast Milagro is a potent symbol of the encouragement and sustenance everyone touched by breast cancer deserves.”

When my adult self considers my mother’s emotional isolation during this period, my heart aches for her. At the same time, the child in me recalls the sense of loss and estrangement her illness brought into our previously happy home. It was a terrifying time for all of us.

That’s why I’m passionate about the need for supporting a woman’s emotional adjustment after a breast cancer diagnosis. The Breast Milagro arises from this passion. It is a potent symbol of the encouragement and sustenance everyone touched by breast cancer deserves.

My mother was a strong woman. She bore with remarkable courage the only treatment available in 1956, the Halsted Radical Mastectomy, a disfiguring surgery that removed the breast and all the muscles on the chest wall. And then she went on, rebuilding her health and embracing life fully. She lived another 49 years, to age 90.

In 1996 I hung around my mother’s neck her first Breast Milagro pendant. She glowed with pride. Its creation came years after her own battle against breast cancer, but she recognized it as an emblem of the wish for breast health and a symbol of determination in our fight to overcome the disease.

That’s why I hope you’ll consider The Breast Milagro for yourself or someone you care about. This fine jewelry can be worn confidently. And, just by wearing or gifting The Breast Milagro, you’ll honor the courage of those who have survived breast cancer. You’ll show compassion for those who fight it even now. And you’ll respect the memory of those who have gone before.

Learn more about Leslie’s service in the care community and her professional credentials here.

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Mom, my sisters and I all watching TV in the days before my mother’s diagnosis.


The whole family at my sister Carole’s wedding, just weeks after Mom’s surgery.


Mom and Dad went on to enjoy many more years together. Here they are in the backyard of our Los Angeles home.