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The Breast Milagro

ILCA Milk Bank

Breast Milagros are being given to donors at the ILCA milk bank.

The Latino Cancer Summit: July 2014

latinas contra cancerThe Breast Milagro joined the Latinas Contra Cancer Organization in San Francisco to support this July's Latino Cancer Summit.  This powerful conference was highly energized and engaging!  The conference covered issues of medical research, social and cultural issues, and health disparities. 

The Breast Milagro pendants were donated to all of the speakers, and to many participants as a gesture of support. We are highly committed to supporting organizations that reach out to under-served women. In this spirit, The Breast Milagro speaks to all women as a symbol of breast cancer awareness, a symbol of the universal wish for long life, and as a symbol of gratitude for healing. 

Some of the Breast Centers We’ve Supported:

Nyack Hospital
Nyack, New York

Ray W. Moody Breast Center
Middletown, NY

Oakwood Breast Center
Mechanicsburg, PA

Christus St Mary Hospital
Port Arthur, TX

Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital
Beaumont, TX

University of Wisconsin Health CareWear
Madison, WI

Christiana Care Breast Center
Newark, DE

Advocate Christ Center for Breast Care
Oak Lawn, IL

Indiana University Health North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana

Benchmark Atlantic Healthcare
McHenry, IL

Rodgers Health Care
Kansas City, MO

Backus Hospital
Norwich, CT

RMH Women’s Center
Harrisonburg, VA

Park Nicollet Health Services
St. Louis Park, MN

Breast Health Center
Scottsbluff, NE


"It’s my favorite necklace to wear especially because it gives me a sense of solidarity and unity in support of the work towards a breast cancer cure, and for the value and importance of breast health for everyone."

Marilyn Freeman, Los Angeles, Ca


“Rarely do you find jewelry that not only is beautiful to wear but also has a deep meaning. The Breast Milagro is just that. The deep meaning and comfort it brings to a family member dealing with Breast Cancer is beyond words. There truly is an energy of good that radiates from the Breast Milagro and brings peace of mind to the person wearing it. If you want a meaningful gift that perfectly expresses your support for someone with Breast Cancer, this is it.”

Kim Sarubbi, Santa Monica, CA


“I used the Breast Milagro to give to my friends at a memorial for my best friend who died of breast cancer. It was a moving experience to watch each woman open her necklace and read the card. They put them on immediately, and some have never taken them off. One of those friends is also going to give them to her friends. I still have my original necklace and I wear it every day.”

Ann Livingston, Novi, MI


“The Breast Milagro has had tremendous significance in my life. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor, and I have no less than a dozen friends whose have also been faced with the challenge of breast cancer. I find great joy in sharing the healing powers of the Breast Milagro when I have had the opportunity to present it to someone as a gift. It makes me smile when someone I know proudly shows me that they are wearing their Breast Milagro and ‘feeling the healing’ both emotionally and physically.”

Jenn Elden, Winthrop, WA


“My Breast Milagro necklace has meant so much to me. I still wear it every day, even though my treatments are officially over and I have moved into ‘survivorship’ mode. My family and friends all have theirs, as gifts from me, to remind them to get regular mammograms.”

Darleen Page, Bellingham, WA


“Whenever I wear my Breast Milagro, I think of my mother. Although she has been gone for almost 9 years, I somehow feel that she knows I wear it especially for her. It may sound silly but when I put it on, I quietly say to myself, ‘I love you, Mom.’ And in my own heart and head, I hope she hears me.”

Lindsay Sanders, Chicago, IL


“The Breast Milagro came into my life at a very scary time for me, after they told me that I had Breast Cancer. To me, it was – and is – a sign of hope, love, support and faith. The creator of this special piece is one of my personal Angels.”

Amy Holland McDonald, Lahaina, HI


“I have two Breast Milagros. One is a pin that I keep in my wallet. It’s a quiet reminder every time I reach for change. The other is a pendant that I wear on a chain. It’s beautiful and it goes with everything. I always get comments on it, which gives me a chance to explain what it means, and what it means to me. I remember a time when you couldn’t say the word ‘breast’ out loud. Now, I’m glad to have the chance to talk about it and to show how a simple piece of jewelry can continue the conversation and keep the cure in our hearts.”

Arlene Ring, Anaheim, CA


“I love this necklace! When I wear it, it reminds me of God’s faithfulness to me. How He carried me and encouraged me and gave me hope and strength when I battled breast cancer 13 years ago. When I look back at that time now, I thank Him for it, because that experience brought me closer to Him.”

Arlis Bosman, Everson, WA


“The Breast Milagro is a beautiful pendant, a gift to me, a symbol of ‘LIFE.’ I wear The Breast Milagro with hope to inspire others, to help support, and give hope back to other breast cancer patients.”

Elizabeth Ambriz, Lima, Peru